Sashay 8 Ply

Panda Sashay Knitting Yarn

Stunning Ruffled Scarf

Each 100 g Ball makes 1 Scarf


With its lovely ruffle effect  the Panda Sashay yarn opens out to reveal a knitted ribbon/mesh in gorgeous multi-tonal shades, with a silver edge for that added touch of glamour. Panda have also released a selection of plain colours without the silver edge, for those who prefer a more understated scarf.

It comes with a FREE Scarf Knitting Pattern from Panda!

Just one ball makes a full length scarf. It is great fun to knit and no previous knitting experience is necessary.

This is amazing yarn. To use it you open it up and knit in a garter stitch using only the top edge of the knitting tape.




Care Instructions


Multi Shades 97% Acrylic, 3% Polyester, PY6067 - 27m / 100g

Solid Shades 100% Acrylic, PY6067 - 27m / 100g

  Product Product code Price  
Jazz 1007 Sashay Jazz 1007

CODE: 9312065057303

Tango 1001 Sashay Tango 1001

CODE: 9312065056535

Waltz 1006 Sashay Waltz 1006

CODE: 9312065056580


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