Beading Wire

Choose your gauge below.

This wire  is non-tarnish. 

Different colours of wire can be fun to work with when you are wrapping beads with wire, so some of the wire will show, or when you are using clear beads.  While many different materials can be used to string beads, the most popular and durable thing to string your beads on is beading wire.

The first thing that is important to know about the wire is its gauge. The higher the number your wire's gauge is, the thinner it will be. So a 32-gauge wire is thinner than a 22-gauge wire.

Gauge is the standard measurement in America, but a millimeter measurement is used in other parts of the world and by some companies. This measurement can be helpful if you know the size of the holes in your beads. there are different uses that are suited to different kinds of wire, mostly because the wire must be small enough to fit through the holes in your beads.

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